Union Calls For Good Faith Bargaining with Christian Schools

24th JAN 2014

The IEU has called for Christian schools to commence bargaining in good faith with the Union on behalf of teachers and support staff members.   

In the last week of Term 4 in 2013, principals in Christian schools sent a letter to staff in schools about pay rises in 2014.  However, the Union has criticised the wording of the letter, saying it created a false impression that a deal for increases of either 2% or 2.5% at varying steps of the scale had been made with the Union. 

The Union has also seen en email to staff that stated "In- principle agreement has been reached for salary increases of between 2-2.5%". However, the Union has not made any agreement with either CSA or Christian schools.  

Assistant General Secretary Mark Northam said negotiations must start as soon as possible. 

"Christian Schools Australia has given members the impression that a deal has been done and dusted. This is certainly not the case."  

He said CSA was not bargaining in good faith because it was advising employees that an agreement had been reached when negotiations had not even commenced.

It had also not consulted with the Union when it advised schools to pay the increase unilaterally.

In the December letter, the CSA blamed the NSW Government for a freeze on education funding, saying they lacked clarity on funding issues for non-government schools.

The IEU hopes to meet with CSA next week to discuss these issues.