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Paid Parental Leave Campaign Letter

To help assist with the IEU's campaign for paid parental leave, we encourage members to use this pre-written form letter when they address their local federal MP.



I write to you today to express my concerns regarding the Abbot governments proposed cuts to Paid Parental Leave. 

As one of your local constituents I am strongly opposed to the introduction of the Fairer Paid Parental Leave Amendment Bill 2015 which will be at the expense of the health and wellbeing of parents and their newborn children.

Employer based parental leave has been negotiated over many years as an industrial provision, often with foregone salary or other conditions as part of the bargaining process. Put simply, workers have paid for the provision of paid maternity leave.

Furthermore, the original purpose of Paid Parental Leave Act 2011 (Cth) was intended to complement and supplement existing employer entitlements for Parental Leave in order to further assist families.

I take this opportunity to state that I will not be supporting anyone in the next federal election who is in favour of the proposed changes to Paid Parental Leave. As my local MP, I urge you to strongly oppose the proposed changes and assist in the retention of the current scheme.

I look forward to your response.