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IEU NewsExtra: Update on Negotiations With Christian Schools Australia And Christian Education Network

10th DEC 2014

The IEU has met with CSA and CEN on a number of occasions throughout 2014 - the latest NewsExtra has the details.

The current Teachers' Enterprise Agreement, the NSW Christian Schools Teaching Staff Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2011-2012, though technically expired, remained in force throughout 2013-2014 with the understanding that employees would receive pay rises by employer administrative action.

In 2014, these increases for teachers were 2% Steps 1-6 and 2.5% for Steps 7-13 and promotions positions. The Union has been seeking new two-year Multi-Enterprise Agreements for 2015-2016 for Teachers and General Staff.

An in-principle agreement has been reached on pay rises. There is no Union agreement to proposed employer alterations to the quantum of sick leave and how it accumulates, reductions in redundancy pay and a proposal to reduce LSL for new employees.

The IEU has vigorously opposed any diminution of these core conditions.