Supporting the independent education community

What you can do

Keep this campaign visible in your school.

Talk to your colleagues about this campaign and share information.


Interact with social media

Stay up to date with all Union news via Facebook, Newsmonth and the IEU website.

Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Share your stories and photos by emailing the Union.

Be prepared for future action as advised.


Attend your chapter meetings and vote when required.

It's important that members attend chapter meetings and remain informed of the developments in the bargaining process, and vote to endorse motions put forward by the union so we can have a strong and consistent voice.


Chapter meetings

As negotiations continue, we are asking Reps to hold Chapter meetings of teacher and support staff members to endorse our pay and conditions claim, the claim on improved conditions and for measures to address work intensification.


Any other comments on the claim should be also noted.