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Stop support staff stand downs - Independent schools update 30 March

Featured COVID-19 Updates

  • IEU disputes support staff stand downs at FWC

    The IEU has today taken a stand down dispute to the FWC – relating to support staff at All Saints Grammar at Belmore. The affected staff are mainly teacher’s aides or admin staff.

    3 Apr 2020
  • Catholic Schools in NSW/ACT to go pupil free for next week

    The IEU acknowledges the decision made by the 11 Dioceses of NSW/ACT to implement Staff Development days for next week, in line with requests made by the union to provide teachers and support staff adequate time to prepare for a new hybrid learning environment.

    3 Apr 2020
  • Response to the federal government’s early childhood package

    News release: The IEU cautiously welcomes the federal government’s Early Childhood Education and Care Relief package, announced on Tuesday 2 April, which appears to embrace some of the sector’s concerns.

    2 Apr 2020
  • Ease the burden on early childhood education

    News release: The IEU calls on the federal and state governments to come up with a rescue package that is equitable to all employers in the early childhood education sector at its National Cabinet meeting on Friday 3 April.

    1 Apr 2020
  • No support staff stand-downs in virus crisis

    The IEU has made it clear that stand downs of support staff are during the COVID-19 pandemic are unnecessary.

    1 Apr 2020
  • IEUA letter concerning JobKeeper to Minister for Education Dan Tehan

    Today our federal office wrote to the Minister for Education seeking urgent discussions around the new ‘JobKeeper’ payment - specifically regarding our concerns that it does not adequately deal with the situation of many Casual Relief Teachers who will stand to lose much or all of their income in the short term.

    31 Mar 2020
  • Key points on the JobKeeper payment: ACTU Update

    The ACTU has prepared a brief update on the Government's recently announced 'JobKeeper' wage subsidy plan, identifying it as a good start with a number of key shortcomings.

    31 Mar 2020
  • NSW Working With Children Check clearances extended in response to COVID-19

    The NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian has extended all WWCC clearances that were due to expire from 26 March 2020 to 26 September 2020 for a further six months.

    30 Mar 2020
  • IEU petition - Time and Trust: Remote Learning Now!

    Sign the IEUA NSW/ACT petition for an immediate transition to emergency schooling arrangements w/ reduced student attendance. Teachers & support staff must be given time and a safe work environment in the transition to a hybrid education model.

    26 Mar 2020
  • COVID-19 and independent schools

    The IEU has written to members in independent schools about COVID-19 and the ongoing operation of independent schools.

    26 Mar 2020
  • Covid-19 update for early childhood members

    At this stage, both early education and care centres and community-based preschools will continue to remain open. As with the closure of schools, this matter is under review constantly. We understand that it will be discussed again at the COAG meeting on Friday.

    26 Mar 2020
  • The Director of Schools has sent the following advice to principals in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese

    In what is a great leap forward in the rights and entitlements of Catholic school staff in Maitland and Newcastle, the Director of Schools has provided guidance to principals to enact a range of positive safety measures advocated for by the union, including provisions allowing all vulnerable staff to work from home wherever possible.

    26 Mar 2020
  • COVID-19 video update for early childhood teachers

    The IEU spoke with Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan late yesterday afternoon and again earlier today. The union raised key issues impacting early childhood members that we want the federal government to address immediately.

    25 Mar 2020
  • IEU meets with Federal Minister for Education Dan Tehan

    The IEU spoke with Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan late yesterday afternoon and again earlier today. The union raised four key issues impacting members that we want the federal government to address immediately.

    25 Mar 2020
  • COVID-19 information for early childhood teachers

    Information for ECTS is changing rapidly and the IEU will update as we can.

    25 Mar 2020