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COVID-19 news for ELICOS members

  • IEU membership

    IEU membership in the post-secondary college sector has remained remarkably buoyant over the last 12 months.

    8 Mar 2021
  • Industrial Relations Bill

    The Morrison government is attempting to use the economic fall-out from the pandemic to push through changes to Australia’s industrial laws.

    8 Mar 2021
  • JobKeeper

    There is no doubt that JobKeeper has been a life-saver for many post-secondary colleges, and for members working in those colleges.

    8 Mar 2021
  • State of play

    It’s been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, and it’s a truism to say the world has changed.

    8 Mar 2021
  • Giveaway draw for ELICOS members

    Your union is conducting a giveaway competition exclusively for members in post-secondary colleges.

    15 Sep 2020
  • Super on the line

    Coalition objections to legislated increases to superannuation don’t stand up to scrutiny. Here’s why.

    15 Sep 2020
  • Parental leave and WFH

    Working from home provisions are making their way into awards, and the Paid Parental Leave scheme is also changing.

    15 Sep 2020
  • JobKeeper changes

    Initially a lifeline, eligibility requirements and payment amounts are changing. Find out how it affects you.

    15 Sep 2020
  • COVID-19 update

    Australia will ultimately have a good story to tell about being a COVID-safe environment in which to study.

    15 Sep 2020
  • Stronger work health and safety measures are required ahead of return to work

    The ACTU has renewed calls for stronger workplace health and safety laws to be put in place before the mass return to work after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

    6 May 2020
  • Why the coronavirus is a crisis for women

    Women comprise more than 76% of IEU membership and more than 70% of workers in the health and care sectors globally. This is an article from the latest edition of Newsmonth, making its way to members now, and available for immediate reading online.

    4 May 2020
  • Privacy at work and COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting a range of privacy challenges at work. Health information about a worker can be particularly sensitive and must be handled appropriately by employers. However, privacy laws do not prohibit the collection, use and disclosure of health information to the extent that it is necessary to prevent and manage COVID-19 risks at work.

    30 Apr 2020