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The 2018 IEU Women's Conference will focus on the ACTU's 'Change the Rules' campaign, with a particular focus on changing the rules for working women.
Rules which need changing for women include:
* Strengthening the right to request flexible work arrangements for parents and carers 
* Removing the gender pay gap and achieving pay equity
* Enhancing employment security - greater access to permanent positions 
* Obtaining at least ten days paid leave for workers experiencing family or domestic violence 
This year's IEU Women's Conference will be held on 24 August at the Mercure Hotel at Railway Square in Sydney from 8.30am to 3.30pm. 
Women's Conference is registered with NESA for 4 hours and 45 minutes of PD towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.
The keynote speakers and the workshops are as per the flyer.
ACTU Change the Rules Campaign - Sandra White and Marilyn Jervis:
This workshop will examine the non-government early childhood and school environment to identify areas where change to industrial law and processes are needed for a fairer workplace. The workshop will explore ways for IEU members to become engaged in the ACTU Change the Rules campaign, to support more equitable industrial rights and improved work security for themselves, their students and their families.
Women’s Leadership Development - Christine Cooper:
Workshop participants will explore opportinities to become BOLD women in their workplaces and beyond. While there have been many significant gains for women at work and in the community, unfortunately gender inequalities are still deeply imbedded in Australian society. This includes the gender pay gap, insecure employment, lack of access to suitable arrangements for parents and carers, and the ongoing prevalence of sex based harassment and family and domestic violence. BOLD women are needed to engage with these issues to achieve change for themselves and to build a better world for their students.
Enhancing Fitness and Wellbeing - Amanda Farrugia:
Women face many challenges at work and in their lives which can impact on their wellbeing. This workshop will explore issues and strategies to enhance health, fitness and sense of empowerment, within the context of the busy realities of school life. The focus will be on practical steps to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing at work and beyond.
Teaching the Millennial Student - Lubna Haddad, Megan Bruce and Keith Heggart
What does it mean to be a student born in the 21st century? How are these students different to students from previous generations? What challenges are these students going to face in the future, as they make their way through school and enter the work force? And how can the IEU assist these students to meet these challenges? This workshop draws on recent research undertaken by the IEU to explore the motivations and aspirations of young people in our schools. It explores their understanding of society, the role of teachers and education, and finishes by considering how the IEU might meet the needs of young, predominantly female, teachers and support staff.
Building Connections in the Community and Beyond - Ann-Maree McEwan:
Social researcher Hugh McKay ranks the survival of our communities and treating others well as ingredients for happiness and a good life. Inspiring singer Archie Roach says “Community is about helping each other and not letting anyone be dragged down”.  From communities coordinating to give battery hens a new life to online communities of the like-minded our wellbeing relies on connecting with each other. Workshop participants will explore their varied community connections and how they enrich ourselves, our communities and our workplaces.
NSW Teacher Accreditation – what do I need to know and do? - Amy Cotton:
Accreditation in NSW is now mandatory for all teachers. Since the start of accreditation, the IEU has been key in lobbying for clearer guidelines and greater professional trust of NSW teachers with regards to their accreditation. This workshop will cover the requirements for maintaining accreditation at Proficient level, including tips for managing the expectations easily and professionally. There’s opportunity to ask individual questions and clarify jargon during this session as well as seek individual advice.
Members $100
Non member $200


818-820 George St, ULTIMO, NSW 2007


24 Aug 2018


8:30 am - 3:30 pm