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More Than Meets the Eye: the changing nature of the early childhood profession and the impact on our early childhood teachers.

The role of an early childhood teacher has changed over time from informal child care arrangements between family and friends, to a multi-levelled and highly skilled profession. Early childhood teachers of today face more challenges than in the past. They are experiencing burnout, workplace stress, work related illness, as well as happiness, joy and fulfilment from a job, which to many, really isn’t a job, but more a passion. The roles our early childhood teachers are undertaking require much more from them than many other professions. It is demanding.

The Independent Education Union of Australia NSW/ACT Branch (IEU) More Than Meets the Eye Early Childhood Conference is aimed at looking at ways to support teachers in their workplaces, enhance leadership skills, manage workloads and work-related challenges, provide opportunities to explore different ideas and broader concepts.

Sarah Moore - a highly motivated and passionate Leadership Coach, Neuro-linguistic Practitioner and Conversational Intelligence Coach. Sarah has over 25 years of leadership, training and development experience in the UK and Australia. Sarah is known for her practical leadership programs that support people to create extraordinary results and to BE leaders worth following.

Lisa Bryant, Leanne Gibbs and Liam McNicholas - three well known early childhood advocates and activists of our profession have prepared a live edition of their successful podcast Early Education Show just for our conference. The show Teaching in Capitalist Times is guaranteed to be provocative, funny, irreverent and full of facts.

Merise Bickley, Head of Early Childhood, NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) - will be providing an up to date early childhood teacher accreditation information session.

Dr Michael Wright and Arthur Dowdle IEU Industrial Officers - will bring us up to speed with the IEU’s Equal Remuneration Case and the four yearly modern award review and what it means for us.

Workshops choices:

The Changing Nature of Play

Brett J Lyon & Robyn Monro Miller

Technology has brought many benefits to our everyday lives but let's consider what it has done to children's play time. Is the time that the children are spending in your service the only real play that they are getting? This hands-on workshop will challenge us to consider the increased importance of play and where loose parts can be integrated into the program.

Embedding Culture in your Curriculum

Rachel Rooke - RARE Early Childhood Support Services

This workshop unpacks and explores ways to ensure that culture is included in a child-focused and meaningful way across all aspects of the service curriculum. Reflective prompts will be provided on planning and developing your calendar of cultural events as well as some tips and ideas for events and resources. These tips will explore a range of events and cultures, including Indigenous culture.

How to Recognise and Support the Forgotten Children of Family Violence

Grace Jennings - Illawarra Women's Health Centre

Throughout this workshop participants will learn more about the experience of children living in domestic and family violence situations and the impact this has. This workshop will inform participants about the warning signs of domestic and family violence to look out for when working with children and families. This workshop will also cover how to respond to children and families experiencing domestic and family violence, including safety assessments and planning and working with relevant support services.

More than "Just Kids" - Children as Activists and Advocates

Stephen Gallen

In Early Childhood Education we have a long and rich history of advocating for children and their right to a quality education, as well as advocating for the value of ourselves as early childhood teachers. While we have consistently and fiercely advocated for the rights of children to participate in ECEC programs, it is only recently that we have begun to reframe our image of just who it is we are advocating for. Increasingly, a new image of the child we teach is emerging - a child as a competent and capable learner, with rights. More than this - the idea of the child as our youngest citizen - an advocate and activist, politically engaged and with something to contribute.

In this workshop participants will explore different strategies to build upon the teacher’s knowledge and experience in the 21st Century. These strategies will help develop teachers understanding of the importance of assisting children to develop positive relationships and reflect on their actions and how they may impact others. Participants will be able to identify the little activist in their centres and plan for each child individually.

Looking Towards Your Financial Future

Ralph Lomu - HESTA

Take the time to join us for an interactive session to provide quick, practical, general information on how to make the most of your super. Whether you may be looking to save a deposit for your first home or looking to take advantage of the government co-contribution then please come along and find out how this can help you secure your financial future. In this session you can expect to cover any of the following topics: the basics of super, the government co-contribution scheme, how low-cost insurance through HESTA works, consolidating multiple super accounts, making extra super contributions, choosing how super is invested and transition to retirement.

Building Bridges for Bright Beginnings

Tracey Sutton and Cathy Cuff - Kindergarten Teachers

This workshop will creatively explore with the participants the role of the parent, early childhood teacher and kindergarten teacher play in preparing children for early years learning within the primary school setting. The presenters will outline what they have collectively found to be some key elements in making the transition between both settings; enjoyable, effective and essential for enabling a successful start for students.

You are all welcome to join us after the conference at an informal Spanish theme dinner to be held at our beautiful heritage listed Sydney IEU office in Ultimo. The cost is $45.00.





818-820 George St, ULTIMO, NSW 2007


07 Sep 2019


9:00 am - 3:30 pm