Supporting the independent education community


Q. How does IEU represent me?

IEU represents you industrially and professionally to achieve regular improvements to pay and conditions, by using your collective voice to ensure you are heard on education policy, by providing individual support and more. For any issues or queries regarding your working life, your IEU Organiser is just a phone call away. Phone (02) 8202 8900 or (toll free) 1800 467 943 or email

Q. How is the Union structured?

The Independent Education Union is structured in a way that best meets the needs of our members. The IEU is divided into geographical branches, each of which elects member delegates to Council every two years. Council is the key decision-making body of the union, bringing together member delegates from around NSW and the ACT, it meets four times a year, with an Annual General Meeting in October. Council has approximately 90 delegates. Our Executive of 22 is elected directly every three years by members.

Q. Who's who at the IEU?

  • John Quessy IEU General Secretary
  • Gloria Taylor IEU Deputy General Secretary
  • Carol Matthews IEU Assistant Secretary
  • Mark Northam IEU Assistant Secretary
  • Chris Wilkinson IEU President
  • Leah Godfrey Vice President, ACT
  • Gabrielle Connell Vice President, ECS
  • Louise Glase Vice President Non-Systemic
  • Bernadette Baker Vice President Systemic
  • Carolyn Collins Vice President Support Staff
  • Marie MacTavish Financial Officer
  • Peter Moore Financial Officer

General Executive Members

  • Patrick Devery
  • Ann Rogers
  • Ralph Hunt
  • Marty Fitzpatrick
  • James Jenkins-Flint
  • Denise McHugh
  • Patricia Murnane
  • Tina Ruello
  • Michael Hagan
  • John O'Neill

Q. How can I make the most of my Union membership?

Alongside the industrial and professional support your Union provides, there are also multiple ways to play a more active role within the Union and to make the most of the services offered. Active and engaged members make strong unions stronger and more able to make gains on your behalf.

To find out what's on, check the news and campaigns sections of this website regularly, see the events section for our popular and practical range of conferences and workshops, and check out our suite of publications available online and in hardcopy, delivered free for members. In your workplace, see your Union notice board and add relevant info for your colleagues, and get to know your school-based IEU Rep. For details on a range of further benefits, see the IEU Membership Benefits booklet.

Q. What is the IEU Constitution