Supporting the independent education community

Join in June recruitment campaign

The 'Join in June' competition has been extended until end of term, 5 July!

The Union is launching a member recruitment initiative called 'Join in June' which aims both to promote the work of Independent Education Union and to encourage potential members to join and participate in their industrial and professional organisation at their own workplace.

Below is a flyer which we ask you to make available to any staff member you know at your school, teachers or support staff, who is not currently an IEU member. The flyer is designed as a conversation starter and it promotes the positive features of belonging to IEU. We ask that you personally invite a potential member to join and to encourage them to find out more about IEU membership from our website, union publications, social media platforms and most importantly, through conversations with colleagues. IEU Organisers will be available to assist with these discussions and plan to make school visits a priority activity during the month.

If your school does not have a nominated Representative, we ask that you take a lead role to promote the "Join in June" initiative by posting information on your Union noticeboard, distribute the materials provided to potential members and by in inviting your IEU Organiser to make a visit at a suitable time.

With a theme of 'Stronger Together', the Union hopes to build its strength and capacity to represent our members well in future negotiations for Enterprise Agreements to improve the working conditions and environment for staff in non government education workplaces.

Thank you in advance for your promotion of both this 'Join in June' initiative and for your ongoing support of your Union.