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IEU release video update after FWC hearing

​​​​​Today, IEU Secretary John Quessy informed members on the progress of IEU's application for protect action ballots to the Fair Work Commission through a video message. The application comes ahead of an impasse reached with CCER over a new EA for Catholic systemic schools, in particular a clause which denies access to arbitration. Quessy told members that 'we still don't have a decision from FWC regarding our application for protected action ballots.'
The hearing was delayed by Catholic Employers who lodged an application for the matter to be heard before a full bench, rather than a single commissioner. 

Best Screenshot EA update FWC.png

'We're disappointed and frustrated by the delays caused by employer intervention,' Quessy said. He suggested that IEU members ask their employer the following questions in relation to their new EA:

  1. If they really have a final document why won’t they show you?
  2. If you had a dispute about class sizes or unreasonable meeting demands could you take this to the Federal Circuit Court?
  3. Can matters covered by a Work Practices Agreement be referred to the Federal Circuit Court for settlement?
  4. How is arbitration, where there are no court fees or financial penalties, more expensive than the Federal Circuit Court where there are extensive court costs and financial penalties can be imposed?
  5. Do Catholic employers believe they have always had the right to refuse arbitration?

Watch the update on Facebook and YouTube.