Supporting the independent education community

Better status and pay

The wages component of the claim reflects the increases for government school staff.  For teachers this was 2.5% each year from January in NSW and 3% in two instalments in the ACT. The IEU is seeking a 2.5% increase for support staff across both NSW and the ACT.

A key focus of the claim is the protection and improvement of working conditions, which are central to the working lives of our members.

The claim includes improvements to long service leave to match that available to teachers, payment to attend overnight camps and excursions, a dedicated classification structure for IT staff, a review of the treatment of long term temporary employees and how they can access permanency and higher classification levels for highly skilled staff working in libraries, science labs and as indigenous education workers.

The Union will not settle our 2017 pay claim unless we have substantial progress in working conditions and other aspects of our claim. 

Bargaining has been extensive

The Union commenced bargaining with the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) on behalf of the dioceses on Thursday, 24 November 2016 to cover the general aspects of the claim. We also met with the CCER and diocesan representatives on 14 December to specifically discuss our support staff claims.

The Union also met with the individual dioceses in December and throughout January. The NSW Teachers Federation has reached agreement with the NSW Government on a new three year pay deal and some other improvements in conditions.

IEU will be seeking to finalise agreements with the CCER and dioceses early in Term 1 on both the pay claims and the conditions claims.

Chapter support is essential

IEU will be sending a detailed report to members in all NSW and ACT Catholic systemic schools and asking all members to consider how they can best support the Union's claims. Don't hesitate to call your IEU organiser if you have any queries.