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Careers that matter

Celebrate Education Support Staff Day at your school on 14 June! The IEU and New Zealand education union NZEI TE RIU ROA have joined forces to mark this significant annual event.

Support Staff Day acknowledges and celebrated the important work that a variety of education support and operational staff do. They undertake so many roles in schools as administrators, financial managers, librarians, library assistants, laboratory technicians, teacher aides, ICT staff, communications and event staff, as well as gardeners, maintenance personnel and school bus drivers.

The careers of education support staff are important and their work all contributes greatly to the outcomes of students’ education.

Yet across the world, education support staff experience significant issues relating to their working conditions. Poor pay, casualisation, a lack of professional development and recognition are global issues which education support staff fight against.

When the working conditions of education support staff are undermined, quality education suffers.

On June 14, IEU and NZEI TE RIU ROA will bring together teachers and education support staff to not only highlight the significant contributions that education support staff make to quality education but will also strengthen the global campaign for better working conditions.

Why not celebrate the day with a morning tea, lunch or other event that highlights to the whole school – staff and parents – the important role you play.