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Future of syllabus development needs your help

We encourage members to engage with the latest NESA survey on syllabus development

The IEU has a long held view that for classroom based teachers, any significant developments to a syllabus should take place at least one year prior to implementation. This provides teachers with adequate time for planning the revision of programs and resources in preparation for any changes.

The committee structures that NESA currently run are a vital component and provide avenues for teachers to be involved in syllabus development. The IEU wants members to protect the existing committee structures and insist on process consultation that involves NESA out in the field talking to people across NSW.

It is important that the syllabus development is not carried out exclusively online. When it comes to syllabus development, all members should be given the opportunity to have their voices heard across the state.

The Union believes in real consultation. As such, there is a committee structure that needs to be respected.

The IEU believes the worst possible outcome would be to change the syllabus to an ‘online only’ development process. Such an outcome would be unproductive for all teachers.

Click here to engage in the survey and have your say.