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The Principals Branch met on Saturday, 6 May. Retired teachers and principals and accreditation came up for discussion.

If you have recently retired from teaching and wish to be accredited as per the process for pre 2004 teachers, you can create your own account with NESA by using the following link.

For accreditation of pre 2004 teachers, how is NESA notified about employees?

By now, all employers should have sent to NESA the details of pre-2004 teachers currently employed in their schools. Independent schools did this on a school by school basis and Catholic Systemic schools via their Diocesan Education Office. Casual teachers who are registered with employers, would have had their details forwarded to NESA as a part of this process.

Note WWCC dates and accreditation - the Office of the Children’s Guardian and NESA’s dates don’t correspond. The IEU advises members to ensure they have their WWCC by the end of Term 3 to meet the accreditation requirements.