Supporting the independent education community

New staff and accreditation

As principals or assistant/deputy principals, it’s important to understand the role you play in employing teaching staff and understanding and assisting with their accreditation status.

All newly appointed teachers or those returning to teaching in a NSW school must be provisionally or conditionally accredited with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). It is important that our school principals understand their teaching staff’s accreditation needs and the role you play in facilitating that process. One aspect to be aware of is understanding the accreditation status for each teacher in your school and particularly knowing that teachers working in your school have been correctly accredited with NESA.

Ensuring that your accredited teaching staff have up to date details with NESA, including that they are linked to your school, is essential for you to be able to validate their PD as well as assist and support them through each phase of their accreditation, but especially from Conditional/Provisional to Proficient.

To find out more about accreditation and employing new staff, follow this link.

Providing registered PD

As we move closer to all teaching staff in schools being accredited and needing to maintain their accreditation, you might like to know more about providing registered PD at your school.

Accredited teachers will need to ensure they meet the PD requirements to maintain their accreditation: that is 100 hours over five years for full time teachers or 100 hours over seven years for part time and casual teachers. Of the 100 hours, at least 50 hours must be NESA registered PD. Your school could assist by providing some of your PD activities as registered PD. Catholic systemic schools can contact their local Catholic schools office for information and advice on registering PD.  

For our independent schools, you can apply to NESA directly to become an endorsed provider of QTC registered PD for teachers in your school. NESA has newly approval criteria and processes for professional development providers that apply to independent schools.

To find out more about providing registered PD, follow this link.