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Robo-marking meets resistance

A consensus was brokered in recent times regarding robo-marking. A joint position was adopted by a wide based coalition of educators, namely:
NSW Parents’ Council
Stephen Grieve
NSW Council of Catholic School Parents
Linda McNeil
NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens’ Associations
Alan Gardiner
NSW Primary Principals’ Association
Phil Seymour
NSW Secondary Principals’ Council
Chris Presland
Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia NSW/ACT Branch

Peter Fowler
Association of Catholic School Principals NSW Primary
Mark Bateman
Association of Catholic School Principals NSW Secondary
Jayne Campbell
NSW ACT Independent Education Union
John Quessy
NSW Teachers Federation

Maurie Mulheron
The decision arrived at was that the implementation of NAPLAN online should be delayed, and that robo-marking of persuasive writing tasks were not to be implemented.
Further, the dual-testing approach (NAPLAN online adaptive questions or traditional pen and paper responses) proposed for 2018 could not be regarded as either valid or reliable.
The IEU believes its time to press the pause button on NAPLAN and revisit its shape, form and efficacy.
The question must be asked - does NAPLAN remain fit for purpose? Importantly, the IEU understands the needs for national collection for data to ensure that resources are allocated appropriately.
The collection of data could be served in the interim by a sampling process rather than a full immersion.