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Action in Catholic systemic schools

Support staff and teachers are voting for action to support their Union in negotiations with the Catholic employers. Thousands of members are voting across NSW and ACT and results are rolling in everyday.

Our website and Facebook are tracking the action – members are staunchly supporting their Union, so many, so fast - it’s hard to keep up with the count!

See the latest:

What’s most important is that the Catholic employers (CCER) can see that the Union and its members are one in this campaign. We know that teachers and support staff are standing side by side in their schools voting for protected industrial action in support of their enterprise agreements in each diocese.

IEU and CCER have not been able to reach agreement concerning the new enterprise agreement and now CCER is blocking the Union going to the industrial umpire, Fair Work Commission to try to settle the dispute. It takes two to tango there and CCER won’t.

Support staff in Catholic systemic schools need to: