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Catholic independent schools EA – at last

Support and operational staff enterprise agreements in over 30 NSW Catholic independent schools have recently been approved by Fair Work Commission (FWC).

Yes, FWC certainly did take its time given IEU members voted in support of the agreements in December of last year!

Improved terms and conditions of employment now apply and will continue to operate for the duration of each EA’s term. Although the EAs were not legally enforceable until after approval by the FWC, the Union insisted on the inclusion of a back pay clause that requires employers to back pay increases to members upon approval.

Most schools already commenced paying the increase from the agreed date of the first full pay period on or after 29 January 2017. However, if that has not occurred, members should now get the increase plus back pay to that date.

Check your pay

If you have not already received a pay rise this year, or you do not receive one shortly with back pay, raise the matter with your school. If your payrise is not forthcoming contact your IEU organiser for assistance.

There are lots of benefits in these new EAs, not just pay rises. See the latest Newsmonth for the full story – see p3