Supporting the independent education community

Members - free NESA registered PD!

Early childhood members benefit greatly from IEU membership through access to professional development courses through the Teachers Learning Network (TLN).   Many of these courses NESA registered and will count towards the maintenance of your teacher accreditation and provide opportunities to stay on top of current issues in early years education.  To register for TLN courses follow this link:

Have you done a TLN course recently?   Tell us about your experience on the IEU Facebook page. Without Union membership, registration for TLN courses will cost teachers $250.

Some current TLN courses on offer:

  • Reflecting the context of your preschool community – discussion
  • Including children with autism spectrum disorder in preschool routines
  • Putting elements of the EYLF into practice
  • Shared sustained thinking with preschool children
  • Breaking the chains of the Early Learning Frameworks – discussion
  • Self-assessment practices with preschool children
  • Voice care
  • Incorporating Aboriginal perspectives
  • Preschool composting
  • Symbolic leadership in early childhood – creating a dynamic learning culture
  • Including literacy throughout the preschool
  • Building warm relationships with preschool families
  • Counselling students effectively
  • Storytelling in preschools
  • Practical recycling processes for preschool
  • Songlines, and
  • Human leadership in early childhood – building the skills of your people.

The more members that we have in the sector the stronger our voice.  Do you have colleagues that are not Union members?   We would encourage you to talk to them about joining the IEU.

About TLN
TLN is a not for profit professional development provider supported by the Australian Education Union (AEU - Victorian Branch) and the Independent Education Union of Australia (Victoria Tasmania Branch) to provide professional learning for the education sector.