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Update: Catholic systemic schools EA for teachers and general employees

The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) has disputed the right to arbitration under the existing systemic EA clause. Historically, this has not been their position. In 2010, CCER wrote to IEU stating

"The Employers have agreed that disputes about the content of an enterprise agreement and/or work practice agreement may be arbitrated by Fair Work Australia."

The CCER's new interpretation of the existing systemic EA clause, can now be used to prevent full access to the Fair Work Commission industrial umpire if the employers see fit. IEU has pursued a limited number of matters to arbitration, however considers the right to do so vital in ensuring that Enterprise Agreements and Work Practices Agreements are enforced where necessary. 

Access to such arbitration is in place in the Catholic sectors in Victoria and Queensland, for nurses in NSW Catholic hospitals, and for most NSW Government sector employees. 

IEU is calling chapter meetings and will be producing a Newsextra in response to the CCER's decision.

For IEU's full response, click here: Arbitration of disputes