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IEU information re letter to staff from Mr David Condon, Director Lismore CSO

Dear IEU Reps in the Lismore Diocese,


Primary school teachers today received an email directly from 

Diocesan Director Mr David Condon regarding Work Practice negotiations on Release from Face to Face Teaching for Primary school teachers.(CLICK TO READ)

In his letter, Mr Condon says the Union is seeking RFF to be “at the sole discretion of the teacher to be used as they see fit without full consideration of school needs”.


It is true that the Union is seeking that primary school teachers decide how to use their RFF time, but we disagree with Mr Condon’s statement.

The clause that the IEU has proposed to the CSO takes school needs into consideration by saying:


 The use of a teacher’s release time will be as determined by the teacher and is to be used by teachers to undertake professional duties related to their classroom responsibilities. RFF may be utilized for activities such as; individual and cooperative planning, including programming, teacher professional meetings, administrative duties, lesson preparation, data analysis, individual student progress and professional reading. In most circumstances this will take place on the school premises, unless there is agreement with the Principal for the teacher to be off site


Primary school members have consistently raised the issue of the erosion of their two hours of face to face release time to support their work. The clause the Union has proposed addresses this concern.


The Union is committed to negotiating a Work Practice Agreement that will help address the issue of work intensification.

While the Union supports collaboration with colleagues and teacher development, we believe that the decision as to how to use RFF on a week to week basis (within the parameters of the proposed clause) should be at the teacher’s discretion. Teachers are best placed to know what their work priorities are from week to week.  


In regard to the Contemporary Learning Framework, Leaders of Pedagogy and Professional Learning Teams, the Union expects that these activities will be supported by the CSO with a clear provision of time, and not an expectation that teachers will simply do more.

Please share this email with IEU members in your school and encourage them to respond to the Diocesan Director, supporting the Union’s position on RFF.


Please also invite members to advise the local organiser Sandra White ( of their response.



Sandra White

IEU Organiser 
Lismore Office