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Share your views: Senate enquiry on Paid Parental Leave

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The ACTU will utilise these member messages in support of their submission before a future Federal Senate enquiry.

Why is this important?

According to the ACTU, the proposed cuts will have a severe financial impact on some families and reduce the amount of time that working parents are able to take off work. For people who are intending to have children, the proposed changes may put those plans up in the air.

IEU members are at particular risk if paid parental leave changes are passed by the Turnbull Government.

The Turnbull Government is trying to change paid parental leave arrangements so that people who have an entitlement to paid parental leave through a workplace agreement or employment contract are denied access to government parental leave payments.

Australia's universal PPL scheme was designed to enable families to combine government-funded PPL with entitlements negotiated at work as, on their own, neither employer arrangements nor the government contribution provide enough paid time at home.

The IEU will continue to fight these proposed cuts to PPL and ensure that no member is left worse off.