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CCER oppose IEU stop work action because of “festival”

CCER executive director Tony Farley and IEU Secretary John Quessy have exchanged letters regarding the Australian Catholic Youth Festival occurring next week, which Farley insists should dissuade IEU from taking stop work action.

“While I acknowledge and respect the right of the IEU and its members to take industrial action I seek your cooperation to ensure that it does not occur on the days of the Festival.”

CCER has raised this opposition only a week before IEU plan to take industrial action. Quessy has responded to Farley saying that CCER had ample time to inform the Union of this issue, knowing full well that it would be an important consideration in any action it was anticipating.

“The arrogance of your plea that we not take industrial action during this time is breathtaking.”

In the letter, Quessy brought up the fact that CCER has ignored its own concerns regarding the industrial implications for staff working at the festival.

“Catholic employers have paid no heed to the additional hours our members were expected to work, taken no measures to ensure their health or welfare nor that the costs they would bear were covered.”

“You now propose in an unprecedented act by Catholic employers anywhere in Australia to put to the vote an enterprise agreement that is not endorsed by the Union and you seek our co-operation”

“you made this bed and now you must lie in it”

Tony Farley's letter to IEU Secretary John Quessy, and Quessy's reply can be read below and/or downloaded here.

Stop work action for Catholic systemic schools across 11 dioceses is anticipated for December 4 - a list of schools taking industrial action will be made available shortly.

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