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Vote NO to the Catholic Employers' "Agreement"

In an unprecedented action, Catholic employers have circulated a proposed Enterprise Agreement to teachers and staff across all 11 dioceses that is not endorsed by the Union.

The EA is NOT endorsed by the Union because it does not give you what you want and what you need.

Our Union is proud of our agreement making, but even a good agreement is nothing if it cannot be enforced. The rules about how EAs are enforced have been changing and those rules have tipped the balance in the favour of the employer.

The EA proposed by Catholic employers delivers all power to them. Vote NO.

It is important that we send the strongest possible message to your employer in protest of their ongoing disregard for your industrial rights. Stop Work action is planned for the morning of Monday 4 December (the day before the employers’ EA vote commences). Further details will soon follow about the proposed action. Chapter action will also be proposed for those schools unable to take protected action.

The Union thanks you for your support and strong resolve.