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Vote NO to employers' EA (video)

IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Secretary John Quessy has released a video encouraging members in Catholic systemic schools to vote NO to the unprecedented, non-Union endorsed Enterprise Agreement put forward by employers'. 


This is a message for our thousands of members in Catholic System Schools.

In recent weeks hundreds of schools voted to take Industrial Action and most have already done so. Yesterday more than 100 additional schools added themselves to this list with successful Protected Action ballots.

I call on all members in those schools to Stop Work on the Monday morning December 4. If at all possible you should attend a local rally to protest the actions of your employer.

In a move unprecedented in this country Catholic School employers have unilaterally decided to put to the vote an Enterprise Agreement that does not have Union endorsement.

It is not endorsed by your Union because it is NOT a fair deal. It tips the balance of power entirely to the employers and leaves you unprotected, exposed and vulnerable.

Their EA deals all the cards to themselves and only they can determine if the terms of the document can be enforced. They have removed or altered improvements which we had negotiated over the past 12 months and should be included and they are attempting to bribe employees with a meagre pay increase if they trade off their rights.

How much do you value those rights? What price repression?

Be in no doubt. They are gunning for your rights. This is a greedy grab for total power and control over you and your working conditions.

This unprecedented action requires a proportional response from Union members.

Stop work on Monday morning and Vote NO to the employers EA on Tuesday.

If your chapter has not endorsed Protected Industrial Action in recent ballots you can still support this fight. Details of how to do that are on their way to you in a NewsExtra.

Decisions are made by those who participate so participate in the employers vote but Vote NO.

​​​​​​Click the image below to watch the video.