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Catholic schools video update 6: Transcript

It is Monday 9 October and this is my sixth update for our members in the 11 Catholic Dioceses.

Voting is currently underway in protected industrial action ballots.

The ballot is conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission, the people who run Federal Elections. Only the AEC can answer questions about ballot papers or voting procedure.

Most of you should have received voting papers during the school holidays and many of you got an SMS reminder to vote on Sunday afternoon. My apologies for interrupting your break but this ballot and your participation is important.

More than 500 schools are participating in postal ballots so you should have received one set of papers to vote in an executive election involving candidates and another where you were asked to vote YES or NO to three questions. It is the YES/NO ballot I’m talking about today.

In some places, the ballot will be held at the school itself. These are called attendance ballots and 69 chapters are having those. Twelve of them are being held today.

Regardless of the type of ballot it is extremely important that ALL members participate. You cannot leave it to others as a majority of members in each workplace must actually vote for the ballot to be valid.

I urge you to support protected action and to vote YES to each of the 3 questions.

If you are part of the postal vote have you voted and posted your ballot back?

Post can be delayed and these votes MUST be received by the AEC by Friday week.

If you are having an attendance ballot voting will be between 10am and 2pm so please get organized to vote between these hours on your voting day.

Remember decisions are made by those who participate. Don’t leave it to other and don’t delay.

Show up to cast your vote or post your ballot back immediately.

Thanks for listening. 

IEU Secretary, John Quessy