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Agreement round up

Your Union has been busy bargaining for much of this year, and we have successfully settled renewed enterprise agreements at several colleges.

At Taylor’s College (part of Study Group), a two year agreement with salary increases of 2% per annum was agreed at the start of the year, while Embassy English (in the same group) settled in June with similar annual increases over three years.

Meanwhile at Navitas, the Fair Work Commission approved a three year agreement with salary increases totaling 5.5% over the life of the agreement, and your Union and the employer have agreed in principle a new agreement for Navitas English ACT, which will last until 2019, with salary increases of around 2% per annum.

Your Union is also currently negotiating with Australian Pacific College (APC) and Sydney English Language Centres (SELC) for renewed agreements, and it is hoped that settlements with each of those colleges will be reached in the next month or so.

The Fair Work Act includes provisions for ‘good faith bargaining’, under which where it can be demonstrated that a majority of staff (or ‘fairly chosen’ section of staff, such a teachers) wish to negotiate for an enterprise agreement, then the employer must do so.

To find out how this might work at your college, contact the IEU on