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Don't delay - have your say

During the second week of the school holidays most members in Catholic Systemic schools should receive ballot papers asking you to vote on industrial action. [Many larger secondary schools will vote in attendance ballots at school in the first week or so of Term 4, check that list here.]

Follow the instructions exactly, vote ‘yes’ to all three questions, and post the ballot back to the AEC immediately – your ballot must arrive by 10 am on Friday, 20 October.

A majority of members in each school must vote for the ballot to count.

Voting ‘yes’ gives the IEU the right to take protected action and fight the employers’ bid to take away your right to arbitration by the Fair Work Commission.

It’s your right to a fair hearing by the industrial umpire – don’t let it slip away.

If you have not received your ballot paper, please contact Milan Kuban, Australian Electoral Commission Returning Officer on (02) 9375 6366.