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Unions NSW hosts Equal Pay Day dinner

Last night, Unions NSW hosted an Equal Pay Day dinner to celebrate the decades long, ongoing battle for equal pay. Over 200 supporters attended the event. Guest speaker Clea Smith, former Australian cricketer and current national manager of the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA), shared her decades of experience confronting pay disparity and discrimination and gave a speech on the importance of unity, ruthless advocacy and using the collective experience and knowledge to achieve pay justice. Unions NSW has been a long and staunch advocate for pay parity and wants “the NSW Government to hold a summit of employers, government, unions and the community sector to work together to turn around NSW gender pay performance."

IEU is currently fighting hard for pay parity for early childhood teachers. Early childhood teachers don’t have pay parity with comparative professionals such as primary school teachers and male engineers, IT professionals and scientists. IEU argues that this is because early childhood teachers are mainly female and are seen to be in a ‘caring’ role. The Union will present its evidence to the Fair Work Commission by the end of the year.​​​​​​


Women outside Trades Hall
in Melbourne 1969