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Catholic systemic schools EA update: vote 'yes'

Video transcript


I’m speaking today to members in Catholic systemic schools across 11 dioceses who will be voting shortly on a proposed new Enterprise Agreement.


Voting opens on Thursday 17 May at 9 am and closes at 5 pm on Wednesday 23 May. Enterprise Agreement ballots are the responsibility of employers, voting will be online, and your employer should have provided you with the how to vote details.


This ballot has been a long time coming and the EA a long time in the making.


We began these negotiations way back in late 2016 but we have reached a position where we have a very good Enterprise Agreement for all employees and Work Practice Agreements which provide improved certainty and conditions for teachers. Together these documents provide strong, unambiguous rights for our members.


For these reasons the Union supports the proposed EA and we urge you to vote 'yes' when you cast your vote.


The issue of arbitration rights which was a key aspect of our claim and opposed by employers is resolved in your favour. Catholic employers have agreed that any dispute about the EA or the WPAs can be referred to the umpire, the FWC by either party.


The Agreement provides for pay increases and a range of advances in conditions of employment. The current Newsmonth which is on its way now outlines these and provides further details.


Feedback from organisers following chapter meetings tells me that members are highly engaged in unpacking and understanding the proposed agreement and if you or your chapter have questions please invite a Union Organiser to your chapter meeting.


This is your Enterprise Agreement, it governs your work and sets a number of your conditions. It is the product of the struggle that so many of you engaged with over the past 18 months.


A struggle that you took on and that you won. It is time now to see the matter through to its end. The best way to celebrate your victory, and it is your victory, is to support the EA and to vote 'yes'.


Thanks for listening.