Supporting the independent education community


A big part of the IEU’s work in the post secondary sector is negotiating enterprise agreements (EAs).


EAs sit above the industry award and provide for superior wages and conditions. Over recent months, your Union has finalised agreements with several colleges.


At EF Language Centres, terms were agreed providing for salary increases of 2.25% per annum over three years, a doubling of the existing lecture payment, the introduction of a syllabus creation payment, and the commitment to provide around half a dozen long term contracts.


At Taylor’s AEP (formerly known as TELP), teachers will receive salary increases of 2.5%, 2.75%, 3% & 3% over the coming years. The new agreement also contains a casual conversion clause, and notice for casual employees.


Negotiations are ongoing at Navitas English NSW, Embassy English, Sydney College of English, Access Language Centre, UoW College and Insearch, and will soon commence at Taylor’s College, WSU The College, Navitas English Services, and Navitas English ACT.


The Fair Work Actcontains provisions around good faith bargaining, under which, where it can be demonstrated that a majority of employees (or group of employees, such as teachers) wish to bargaining for an agreement, then the employer must negotiate. To find out how this might work at your college, contact your Union.