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The ACTU’s Change the Rules campaign is drumming up awareness that the industrial rules in Australia are broken and weighted against working people.


In the run up to the approaching Federal election, this campaign is being ramped up, and members are encouraged to get involved.


A hundred years ago, Australia was widely perceived to be a ‘workers’ paradise’, and even as late as the 1970s, Australian workers received a decent share of the economy. However, since then, and like workers around the western world, that share has steadily diminished to a point where labour’s share of GDP is at a 50-year low. Most employees would be acutely aware of the long wages drought that has occurred in recent years, and this is just one ‘real world’ manifestation of this lessening of the power of labour.


A big reason for the decline of working standards has been the rise of neo liberalism, and the consequent rolling back of trade union rights and other employment protections. Australians’ right to strike for example – a key factor in achieving decent wages outcomes – is among the most restrictive in the world. The move away from centralised wage fixing has undermined wages growth.


Clearly the system no longer delivers for working people, and members are therefore urged to get involved in the ACTU campaign. More details can be found here: