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Catholic systemic schools EA update: When can you vote on a new EA?

Transcript Wednesday March 28 2018

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Hello, this is a further Enterprise Agreement update for members in Catholic Schools.

I’ll speak briefly about three issues: the progress of the EA itself, the Work Practices Agreements and your opportunity to vote on the EA.

Senior Industrial Officers have been putting the final polish on the language of the Agreement. They have been talking with staff at the CCER to get the language right.

One way we avoid disputes about Enterprise Agreements is to make sure they say exactly want we think they say. No ambiguity, no room for confusion or misunderstanding.

I think that part is now pretty much done but it has been slow because there are a number of new things in the Agreement.

While all this has been happening Union Officers have been negotiating Work Practice Agreements with each of the dioceses. The documents that provide certainty about class sizes, RFF and meeting times.

Two of these, Canberra/Goulburn and Wollongong are included with the EA itself, 3 more I’ve signed off: Sydney, Armidale and Lismore.

Others are finalised and I’m expecting final copies signed by employers over the next few days. Maitland/Newcastle, Parramatta and Broken Bay. I believe the Agreement for Wagga Wagga has been concluded this week and I hope to be able to sign that one next week.

The Diocese of Bathurst however has been dragging the chain and our members out there have every right to expect better from their employer. We want these finished before the term break.

So, when will you get to vote? When can you expect your pay increase?

The law requires your employer to provide you with access to the final Agreement and explanatory material and to give you at least 7 days to consider it before voting.

We don’t think it is fair for a vote to be held over the Easter period or during the term break. So, we have supported a proposal to hold the vote early in the second term.

Our Organisers will try to visit every school in the first weeks of May so members should ask their Chapter Rep to contact the local organiser to book a meeting before this term ends.

Thanks for listening and have a fantastic Easter.