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Tech staff to be covered by EA

It’s good news - ICT staff will be included in new Catholic Systemic Schools EA, with specific classifications covering their work.

Historically the agreement coverage of ICT staff in Catholic diocesan schools has varied between dioceses and even between schools within a diocese. Some ICT staff were treated as clerical employees, some as teachers. Some were employed under the terms of the Modern Award and some on contracts with conditions outside of any industrial instrument.

The Union sought to have this matter addressed in the 2015 Enterprise Agreement, but given the disparity of arrangements, Catholic employers were not prepared to include them in the Agreement at that time. The IEU and Catholic diocesan employers have been working to finalise the new Catholic systemic schools agreement and for the first time the role of school based ICT staff has been recognised with their inclusion in the Agreement.

ICT specific duties and roles have been incorporated in to the existing School Administrative services classifications at Levels 4, 5 and 6. With indicative duties and position titles reflective of ICT employees.

  • Level 4 employees would include ICT Assistants, Technicians and Helpdesk Support. Such employees would be providing technical and user support including help desk, software upgrades, virus protection, printing systems desktop/notebooks and server maintenance, maintaining communication systems and equipment; managing and developing school website and intranet; assisting with ICT projects as required; assisting with the maintenance of hardware and software components of computer network.
  • A Level 5 ICT employee would include an employee who is the ICT Officer and would be someone who is making recommendations for the development of the school’s ICT infrastructure considering the needs of new applications and equipment redundancy; and providing technical direction for software upgrades, licensing, back up recovery, virus protection, printing systems, server maintenance procedures and network security; supervising and maintaining hardware and software components of a school computer network.
  • A Level 6 ICT employee would include the ICT Senior Manager. Whose duties may included coordinating the planning of the school’s ICT infrastructure, equipment and applications in order to meet emerging and long term needs; overseeing the maintenance of the school’s ICT infrastructure; making recommendations regarding school ICT issues, practices and 
opportunities; and developing and review of school ICT policies and procedures

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