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Early childhood teachers call for equal pay


Having been a preschool teacher/Director for over 37 years the pay rate for qualified ECTs has been way below that of teachers in other sectors and the workload is the same if not more for early childhood teachers. This is an important step to bring wage parity, so the sector can attract quality teachers who will stay in the sector because they are respected and acknowledged as teachers. Our children deserve quality and these teachers should not be discriminated against because their skills are best utilised in the Early Childhood sector. 


I am an early childhood educator. I have a degree. I moved out of preschool settings to focus on special education in an independent school. Before I did this I was on the same wage as a teacher’s aide at my new school setting. I also felt that I was seen as a simple babysitter in preschool settings. I learnt in my degree that the first five years of life are crucial in a child’s development and still believe this to be true. Early childhood education is my passion and this pay disparity is utterly ridiculous. I fully support equal pay for early childhood educators.


I have two beautiful women in my family who are both Early Childhood Teachers. They put their heart and soul into giving the best possible care they can for the children they look after, but what is becoming the "norm" they do not get the recognition they deserve.

Early Childhood teachers are entitled to the same wages as Primary School Teachers etc. They are far more than just so called "babysitters". The demands are greater as they help these little people have the best start they can have in life.