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Join the fight for fair pay for early childhood teachers

Can you spare a few hours from 9.30am on Thursday, 26 July? IEU needs as many people as possible to protest the unfair treatment of early childhood teachers.


This date marks the start of IEUA’s landmark equal pay case before the Fair Work Commission, arguing that early childhood teachers are underpaid because they are mostly women.


A positive outcome in this case, acknowledging the professionalism of early childhood teachers, would transform the lives of families and improve the education of young children in Australia for years to come by stemming the exit of highly qualified and experienced professional teachers to the school sector.


The differences in pay between primary school teachers and early childhood teachers are stark. Despite having the same degrees as any other teacher, going through the same accreditation process and having the same HELP debts, first year preschool teachers earn $50,665 compared to $67,248 for first year teachers in primary schools, a difference of $16,583.


This difference widens every year until after nine years the preschool teacher earns $66,868 compared to $100,299 for the primary school teacher, or a gap of $33,431 per year.


The IEUA’s case will use testimony from a number of witnesses from primary and early childhood backgrounds to argue the work is of equal value.


Come and show your support for this cause – attracting and retaining degree qualified teachers in preschools and long day care centres benefits everyone who accesses early childhood education, not just the teachers.


Venue: Gather outside Fair Work Commission, 80 William Street, East Sydney

Time: 9.30am

Date: Thursday, 26 July