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NESA sends letters to teachers without WWCC clearance

The Union has been informed that 4,500 NSW teachers are about to receive correspondence from NESA threatening to suspend their accreditation. The letters are being sent to teachers who don’t have current WWCC clearances. It’s likely that these teachers would be Post 2004 teachers who were working under the old system of checking criminal history, for which NESA had no expiry date. 


The Union advises teachers in this situation to:


  • Apply for WWCC immediately.
  • Respond to NESA immediately that you have applied and that you will advise when the clearance comes through.
  • You will NOT be able to teach until the clearance comes through.
  • You WILL be suspended in 14 days due to the legislation.
  • If there are delays you may need to inform your employer of your status.