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What does your Union do for you? (animation)


An animated video has been created to illustrate what IEU can do for members. Many teachers and support staff may be aware of their Union, but are too busy to spend time investigating the benefits of Union membership. This short video gives a brief introduction to Union won pay increases, payment recovery, professional development and assistance with accreditation, industrial representation, and the many other benefits teachers and support staff can expect when they become Union members.

This video has been uploaded to YouTube and is easily shared with colleagues. Send it on and help sign up a non member today!

IEU conducted surveys on how teachers and support staff preferred to receive communication about professional and industrial issues from their Union. A little surpisingly, the most popular form of communication for teachers and support staff was the humble email - the first choice of 77.78% of the almost 1,000 survey participants. Publications was the second most popular with 42.27%, then chapter meetings (20.41%), social media (12.80%) and Union conferences (8.33%).