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IEU joins the Canberra Change the Rules rally

IEU union rally Change the Rules
IEU union rally Change the Rules

Yesterday, Canberra IEU members proudly stood up for the rights of working people, demanding more secure jobs and better pay for all Australians. The IEU participated in the Canberra ‘Change the Rules’ rally, which coincided with a rally in Brisbane and was the culmination of a series of 22 rallies across the country that saw around 250,000 Australians come together to demand a change to the rules to give all working people the basic rights they need to improve their living standards.

The rally was attended by ACTU president, Michele O’Neil, who spoke about stagnating wage growth, skyrocketing cost of living, the casualisation of the workforce and rise of insecure work, and the structural difficulties faced by workers trying to organise for better conditions.


The IEU has a long and proud history of fighting for the rights of teachers, and strongly supports the demands made by Ms O’Neil and the ACTU.

Watch footage from the rally below. Michele O’Neil’s rousing speech begins at around the 40 minute mark.