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Long service leave


Many support staff start their employment as regular casuals or temporary employees, before moving into a permanent ongoing position.

But often this period of regular casual service and sometimes even the back to back consecutive temporary appointments are overlooked when it comes to determining long service leave accrual and eligibility.

Even though most of our enterprise agreements provide for more generous accrual and access to pro rata leave on termination and portability, the other provisions of the NSW Long Service Leave Act continue to apply. Under the Act, continuous service is inclusive of casual and temporary employment under one or more contracts of employment, provided there is not a significant break in between periods of employment. The Act establishes this as being where the employee is re-engaged within two months.

Portability of long service leave can kick in with as little as 12 months employment and pro-rata leave on termination after five years.

So in no time at all you could have some eligibility to a long service leave entitlement.

It’s really important to ensure that all your service has being taken into account when your employer is assessing your long service leave entitlements.

If you have any questions regarding your long service leave please don’t hesitate to contact Union organiser.