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Role reclassification


In a large western Sydney independent school, a new enterprise agreement came into effect earlier this year.

The member was placed on the lowest classification level possible by her employer as an Assistant Librarian (School Assistant Level 2). This is a position that is intended to report to the Librarian. However, a librarian has never been employed at the school. She sought Union advice and then applied for reclassification in accordance with the procedures set out in the enterprise agreement.

Throughout the whole of her employment our member has undertaken higher duties which have involved supervision of students without a teacher present, and the full range of library administration, planning and budgeting. Initially she wrote an email to her principal and then when she had no response, set out her request and supporting material in a formal letter. Her application was not acted on or even acknowledged by the principal.

The Union then addressed the matter with the school, highlighting the school’s obligations to deal with reclassification requests. The school sought the assistance of the Association of Independent Schools. The school has conceded and agreed they will reclassify our member as a School Assistant Level 4. Her salary has increased from $51,000 to $70,862 – approximately $20,000 pa more. The school has also agreed to backpay at the higher classification.