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Dan Tehan reappointed Minister for Education

Dan Tehan, Federal Member for Wannon, will retain his portfolio as Minister for Education under Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s newly announced cabinet, in a role that also oversees the early childhood education and care sector.

Mr Tehan’s prior appointment was as Minister for Social Services within the Turnbull ministry, before being appointed to the position of Federal Education Minister in August 2018 with the ascension of Scott Morrison to the Prime Ministership.


In a letter confirming his reinstatement, Mr Tehan vowed to continue to implement the child care reforms undertaken by the Coalition last year, and to continue to take “strong action against non-compliant child care providers.”


Mr Tehan’s reappointment was welcomed by the National Catholic Education Commission, who said that his reappointment will “enable him to work with non-government school sectors to bed down many aspects of the fairer funding arrangements that are due to commence in 2020…”


Mr Tehan is also expected to pursue the Prime Minister’s pre-election commitment to protect what he describes as schools’ ‘religious freedoms’ to employ and dismiss staff based on their gender, sexual or marital status based on the readings of their religious texts.