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Fair Work Commission Annual Wage Review


The Fair Work Commission has today granted award-reliant workers a 3% increase, which will take effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 July.

The Union is disappointed by this ruling, says IEUA NSW/ACT Secretary, John Quessy, and wish the increase had been closer to the 6% being campaigned for by the ACTU.

As part of its campaign for a "living wage", the ACTU had argued for a 6% increase this year, while employers had sought increases of only 1.8% or 2%.

The increase will benefit IEU members paid on modern award rates – mainly teachers in early childhood education and care and employees in English language colleges or post-secondary colleges.

The modern award increases will also result in a higher minimum rate that enterprise agreements must meet in order to be approved by the Fair Work Commission.  This will also assist some lower paid workers in schools.

However, Quessy has said that a weekly wage increase of $21.60 will do little to nothing towards improving household budgets or increasing consumer discretionary spending. Accordingly, we are keen to see what other plans the government has ready to implement to lift some of the poorest workers out of poverty and into a dignified quality of life.

The new award rates will be available on the Fair Work Commission website within a few weeks.


You can read the ruling here