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HSC 2018 message from the secretary

A quick word before the media hype about where those who came first in the HSC went to school and you can bet the next few days will feature headlines like “top Schools” and “Top Students”.


They deserve congratulations as do the 70,000 other students and the thousands of schools that were part of this HSC event.


If the public want to acknowledge greatness they should look to the greatness of our school systems and the tens of thousands of teachers and support staff who (along with parents and carers) nurtured this next generation through 13 years of schooling.


My guess is that for many of these young folk their formal education began way back in pre-schools or child care where quality education programs were in place.


So yes, lets celebrate the high achievers but celebrate also the efforts of all 70,000 and acknowledge that not one of these young women or young men would have been able to answer a single question without learning to read, comprehend and interpret. All that happened a long time before they shuffled into exam rooms 3 months ago.


We are a great society and we have a great education system. It has done us proud and continues to do so. Best we not forget that like a fantastic movie it took a lot of people to put it together. It was not created by the individual who sold us the ticket.

John Quessy
Secretary IEUA NSW/ACT