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Inspired by Activists Conference


Clancy Catholic College IEU Rep Adam Scicluna hasn’t looked back since attending last year’s Activists Conference.


IEU Activists Conference is for reps who want to expand their understanding of the importance of union activities.


Adam said he was inspired and gained an insight into industrial relations that now informs the way he views society at large, not just the teaching profession.


“As a father I want my daughter to go into employment that is fair and just, especially for women, and I realised how important industrial relations are across the big picture,” Adam said.


“Since the conference I’ve encouraged lots of young staff to join the Union. I’ve been sitting down and telling them why it is so important to have insurance for their future.


“They didn’t realise how much the rights they have now have been fought for by unions in the past, and how important it is stay vigilant or their rights will be gradually eroded.”


Adam said young teachers were pressured to work harder and harder in a competitive environment, and many burn out.


“We’re losing a lot of talented young people because of this, so I explained that joining the Union is a way of safeguarding their future.”


Adam said anyone interested in learning more about unions should apply for the  Activist Conference in April.


Contact your organiser for details.