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NGS Super recognised as safest bet

An independent analysis of superannuation funds has declared NGS Super to be the top pick when it comes to plotting the steadiest path in terms of listed investments.

FE Super Review this week released the findings of their quantitative analysis of superannuation fund investment settings, identifying NGS Super as their first choice based on their listed asset allocations.


The Union, in cooperation with Catholic and independent school employers, established NGS 30 years ago with the single aim of helping members save towards a dignified retirement. From humble beginnings, the fund continues to punch above its weight in delivering outstanding results for our members.


According to FE’s analysis, four of the top 15 funds can be regarded as small-to-mid-sized, while only two “mega funds” – AustralianSuper and REST - made the top bracket. This apparently confirms the strategy of ‘limited menu’ industry funds, as compared to larger and more diversified retail funds. 


FE’s ‘crown fund’ metric to determine the quality of investment determined that NGS Super, which covers the non-Government schools sector, offers members 10 five-crown funds, of its 12 listed investments.


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