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Playground duty supervision


For many years now, Classroom Support and School Administrative employees in Catholic systemic schools have been able to undertake playground supervision duties. 


However, there are parameters. The NSW and ACT Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement requires the Employer have in place a policy on playground supervision that has been developed and implemented in consultation with the Union. Any such policy should include the level of training that is to be provided, set out the appropriate level of support and assistance that will be provided for those undertaking playground supervision and should increase the existing work load of an employee.  


The level of supervision provided to students on the playground needs to take into consideration the age of the students, the physical layout of the playground and any other factors that determine the level of risk, including known behavioural issues. Supervision needs to be adequate to discharge the school’s duty of care.  All employees need to be aware of risk factors and trained adequately so as to minimise any foreseeable risks. 


If you are asked to do playground duty as part of your role, it is important that there is an agreed employer policy in place, that you are adequately trained in how to actively supervise students and are fully aware of the relevant procedures.