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Trainees and apprentices


A new Union membership category has been developed for the youngest and most vulnerable people working in our sector. 


An increasing number of schools and school system employers are offering recent graduates and young people an opportunity to undertake formal post-secondary traineeships at schools, allowing the trainees to obtain formal vocational qualifications while earning a modest income with paid on the job work experience.  


Traineeships are subsidised by government funding and are highly regulated. Training Support Providers facilitate placement of the trainee and establish the training plans between the employer, the trainee and the registered training organisations. However they are still employees and so covered by the terms and conditions of the relevant enterprise agreements and other industrial instruments. Traineeships are usually only one year in duration, but a number of trainees continue to be employed by the school once they complete the traineeship.  


The Union has identified significant areas of concern, including access to the contracted training time of 7.6 hours a week, the expectation for trainees to work on weekends and out of hours without payment of overtime, child protection concerns that arise as these young people are now employees and not students, inadequate Work Health and Safety Training, along with instances where teachers at the school are being required to not only supervise but also deliver the formal training modules.     


The new membership category is available to those employed as trainees, apprentices and other roles such as youth ministry.  For more information please contact your IEU organiser, or Carolyn Moore by email