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Voice care training


It’s part and parcel of working in a school that you use your voice as a tool. And like any tool it needs to be looked after and maintained. 


The Union provides a training module available to all our members called Work Hoarse Voice Care. It’s all about saving your voice.


This workshop focuses on a much overlooked, overworked and misunderstood resource: your voice. It addresses the mechanics of your voice, and how to go about caring and warming up your vocal cords and identifying the warning signs of vocal damage. We’ll also look at tips for softening your working environment to reduce the strain on your voice. 

The target audience includes teachers; support staff; early childhood teachers; school executive; post secondary college staff. This program is offered as an online forum, after work hours, so you can do it from your own lounge room… and it’s free of charge for IEU members.  The next session is scheduled for 19 June. 

To sign up click the link below


The workshop is practical, so wear comfortable clothing that allows you to bend.

The Work Hoarse Voice Care course will also be run at other times throughout Term 2.  To participate in this or any other professional training courses offered by the Union check out the Union’s web site.